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Things to Do near Ouray, Colorado

Our part of Southwest Colorado is known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Colorado. Here, you can explore massive waterfalls and abandoned mines. Hike along scenic mountain trails, like Bear Creek Trail. Or, simply relax at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. For more information on everything the Ouray area has to offer, feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to answer your questions.

Check out our list of the best Ouray, CO things to do down below.

Ouray's Remarkable Hot Springs

Ouray Hot Springs (aka, Ouray Hot Springs Swimming Pool and Fitness Center) is a set of geothermally heated mineral pools, owned and operated by the City of Ouray.

Ouray Hot Springs consists of five unique pools, and includes an adult-only soaking section (family-friendly swimsuit required), water slides, an obstacle course, and a swimming area with several lap lanes. It also has an 1,800 square foot fitness center, with a variety of exercise equipment.

The water at Ouray Hot Springs contains minerals, including iron, manganese, and potassium. And, the water is free of sulfur, so it''s virtually odorless.

Check out our article for more information about the remarkable Ouray Hot Springs,

Ghost Towns near Ouray, Colorado

The areas around Ouray have numerous ghost towns for you to explore. Many are just a short distance from our resort. Take a look at our article on the Ouray area's historical ghost towns.

Ouray's Most Popular Parks

Ouray has plenty of parks for you, your family, and even your pets to enjoy. Most of our local parks are free or have very minimal fees. Check out this article for more information on some of Ouray's best parks.
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Offbeat Places to Visit in Ouray, Colorado

There's more to Ouray than its relaxing hot springs, exciting off-road trails, and unique ice-climbing locations. Our town also has plenty of lesser-known, offbeat places and activities to enjoy. In this article, we describe a few of our favorites.

Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway, which runs from Ouray, Colorado to Silverton, Colorado and is considered one of the best scenic drives in the United States. To learn more about the Million Dollar Highway, check out this article.

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Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls consists of a 285 foot waterfall, traveling through a very narrow slot canyon. The surrounding park, constructed by the city of Ouray, allows you to experience the falls up close.

The park consists of two trails. The lower trail is a steel walkway the runs through the canyon to to base of the falls. Expect to get wet, very wet, along this trail. The upper trail is also made up of a steel walkway. The upper trail traverses the top of the canyon, where you'll get stunning views of Box Canyon.

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Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail is a 12.4 mile out and back trail long trail that begins at Highway 550, near Bear Creek Falls. Elevation gain is 4,698 feet.

The trail takes you through the surrounding Ouray backcountry, past mountain stream and aspen forests. You'll also get the chance to check out abandoned mines, such as Yellow Jacket Mine and Grizzly Bear Mine.

Note that this trail is narrow, with some exposure to high cliffs and steep drop offs. You'll need to be an experienced hiker to handle the entire trail; however, hiking up to Grizzly Bear Mine is a 4.8 mile round trip is less strenuous, and the views are well worth your time.

Ultimate Guide to Ouray, CO

The city of Ouray is a lovely place to visit if you're into the outdoors, Victorian style buildings and delicious food from restaurants. Check out our guide to Ouray, CO to get answers to frequently asked questions.

Ice Climbing Near Ouray, Colorado

During the winter months, Ouray becomes an ice-climbing mecca. Take a look at our page on ice climbing at Ouray Ice Park and the backcountry in the Ouray, Colorado area.

Activities to Enjoy on the Uncompahgre River

The Uncompahgre River is a great place to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Try  your luck at fly fishing. Or try river rafting, tubing, or kayaking. And, in some areas, you can even have luck gold panning.

Hiking near Ouray, Colorado

The mountains surrounding Ouray are filled with some of the best hiking trails in the country. Check out our article describing some of the Ouray area's most enjoyable hiking trails.